—  St. Martin

My name is Felix. I was born on the island of St. Lucia. I've been living in St. Martin for the past forty years. It's really nice to know Jesus, He's worked many miracles in my life. It was a great day the day I met Priya and Pandita and your team of missionaries, and I've learned so much from you all. I used to work construction before and now I am a taxi driver. The last few years have been pretty tough with all of the business slowing down, but Jesus has been helping me through. When it's really hard, I just pray to Jesus. He always meets your needs. There is nothing better than prayer.

This week I actually had a miracle happen to me. I jumped out of my car to get something from the store, and I forgot to put my bus in the park gear and it rolled down the road while I was in the store. It rolled quite a ways down and across the road, but it didn't do any harm to anyone. It just went to a house and stopped by itself. It was a great miracle, and reminded me that Jesus is always watching out for me and taking care of me.

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