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As most young men, I have always been faced with numerous challenges. From a tender age I grew up in



Jesus... All my life I had known him, I grew up in a christian family and I was baptized. I went to



I've always believed in Jesus. I actually grew up in an Anglican church. The pastor, his wife and th



I was very, very sick. I was on the Dutch side of St. Martin. I had pneumonia. The St. Martin medica



I grew up in a strong, stable Christian family. Church has been a part of my life for as long as I c



As a single parent, and especially here in the Caribbean, you don’t have anyone else to take care

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  • Catalysts

    We were walking around yesterday and there was a girl who had climbed up to the edge of a building, like a bank, and she was doing a handstand there. I went over to talk with her and we took a photo together. She told me that she came from

  • Help me

    "Do you work with drug addicts?" I replied that yes I had and he said, "So help me."

  • In a way I wish God didn’t exist

    "In a way I wish God didn't exist because there is so much evil and corruption in the world"

  • Best kind of freedom

    "I don't believe in anything that I can't see!"

  • You’re an angel

    One kept saying "you're an angel, you're an angel".

  • I came for coffee, I got Jesus

    “Being a psychiatrist always leaves me empty & dry."

  • Angel at the Concert

    Concert: Rock Oz' Arens Location: Avenches, Switzerland

  • Skulls were her Emblem

    It was late at night and I was on my way home from the Life Ball event. The tram doors opened and a woman in her late twenties walked in. She had a shaved head with a long blond strand of hair. Her body was very muscular, her

  • The Watch Collector

    Amidst all the craziness of the Life Ball party John and I noticed an older couple holding hands and just being very sweet to each other. John started speaking to the wife and the older man started asking me about my life and my beliefs. I told him I loved

  • Botswana

    Shots of the team in Botswana during summer 2011

  • Caledon

    Shots of the team reaching out in Caledon

  • The Gas Tank That Never Ran Dry

    A true life story from one of the Missionzones team members that will also be published in a book in early 2011 called, "Warrior Chronicles 'Hearing from God' by S.W. Ward".

  • Chill Tent

    On one of the last days of the Epic, the crew had a small party in the chill tent. It turned out that they didn't have any speaker system set up and so had no music for the evening, so I offered to play. Throughout the evening, people came and

  • A city in shock

  • Ethiopia – part 2

  • A Boy and His Father

  • Heroin User

    I was walking down the street when I saw a young man sitting by the side of the road. Jesus told me I needed to talk to him. I asked him if he believed in the spirit world. He immediately said, “Yes, sure. I’ve been taking heroin, mushrooms and all

  • DRC Radio & TV

    After we had our first national TV broadcast it became very clear that the number of people who wanted to hear our testimonies and learn the Word was too much to handle with one-on-one visits. So we organized a seminar that was going to be on the topic of faith