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Dee Ann

My name is Dee Ann and my son is Dillon, he is 19 years old and he has Cystic Fibrosis. That is a di



Hi, my name is Ravi. Lots could be said about how the miracles of Jesus can change your life, but I



I was born in Bangkok. My parents were Hindu, but they accepted the Lord when I was young. My dad to



1991 was a year of struggle in my life and chaos in my country Ethiopia. I was 18 and a second year



I was brought up in a loving Christian family. At the age of 12 my parents started to voice their co



Q: Have you always known Jesus? A: Yes, from childhood. Q: How has Jesus shown you that you can be a

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  • A Simple Amharic Prayer

    Something on all of our hearts was to do something for the little street children who beg or sell gum & come follow you when you walk down the street. We started taking pieces of fruit to give to them, but it's still such a heart wrenching situation as everything

  • “Like a giant Dumpsite”

    A longtime friend who owns a Restaurant, introduced me to his manager, a 19 year old young man, whom he had hired to manage the business. Instantly, he began to talk about all sorts of topics, the different cultures, governments, reasons for war, and effects of the world-wars and how

  • Catalysts

    We were walking around yesterday and there was a girl who had climbed up to the edge of a building, like a bank, and she was doing a handstand there. I went over to talk with her and we took a photo together. She told me that she came from

  • Help me

    "Do you work with drug addicts?" I replied that yes I had and he said, "So help me."

  • “I wish God didn’t exist”

    "In a way I wish God didn't exist because there is so much evil and corruption in the world"

  • Best kind of freedom

    "I don't believe in anything that I can't see!"

  • Angel at the Concert

    Concert: Rock Oz' Arens Location: Avenches, Switzerland

  • Skulls were her Emblem

    It was late at night and I was on my way home from the Life Ball event. The tram doors opened and a woman in her late twenties walked in. She had a shaved head with a long blond strand of hair. Her body was very muscular, her

  • The Watch Collector

    Amidst all the craziness of the Life Ball party John and I noticed an older couple holding hands and just being very sweet to each other. John started speaking to the wife and the older man started asking me about my life and my beliefs. I told him I loved

  • Botswana

    Shots of the team in Botswana during summer 2011

  • Caledon

    Shots of the team reaching out in Caledon

  • The Gas Tank That Never Ran Dry

    A true life story from one of the Missionzones team members that will also be published in a book in early 2011 called, "Warrior Chronicles 'Hearing from God' by S.W. Ward".

  • On The Tram

    I got on the tram and I saw this beautiful blonde girl with these huge, bright blue eyes. I sat down next to her and said, “Hello. How are you?” She said, “All right, how are you?” We just started talking and she said, “I’m getting off in the next

  • DRC-Radio and TV

    Reaching thousands daily live, on the radio and Television. Through it we experienced miracles of protection, supply and best of all lives changed.

  • Like a child

    We went to the after party for the opening film of the San Sebastian Film Festival. Lisa and I were walking toward the buffet when we bumped into the main actor from the film. He started to talk with us, explaining a bit about his life and his career. Lisa

  • Drugs, Sex, Women, Religion

    I was on the main walking street, when Jesus told me to sit on a bench further down the road. Sitting near me was a young man with tattoos all over his back and legs. Jesus told me to ask him about them. "I like your tattoos," I said

  • Faith to ask

    The night at the party, I saw a lady and a man. The lady was wearing a red dress. For some reason I felt that I was meant to talk to them but the room was just getting so full so I couldn't. Towards the middle of the evening,

  • Thanked us for the gift

    Ivanna and I arrived at Wimbledon and we were just kind of walking around, asking Jesus, “Where do we need to be?” because we didn’t have tickets to get in yet. We were walking past the long queues and looking for people to talk to on the way. The Lord